How to get a job in Australia

How to get a job in Australia, different countries have different authority bodies governing how people work in the country. As a foreigner, it is important that you know the working rules in a country before you apply for a job. However, if you’re looking to work in Australia, you haven’t made a bad decision. Australia is home to millions of cooperate businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. More so, this country has some of the finest cities in Europe. We have listed the simple steps to securing a good job in Australia.

How to get a job in Australia: Simple Guides

1. Review the working Rules in Australia

You need to research and go through the working rules in Australia to see it will favor you. Are you going as a student? Then you need to know the limitations to how you can study and work in Australia. If you have done this, then you can go ahead and get a suitable visa to get started.

2. Apply for a visa

There are quite different types of visas you can apply for; you can go for a work visa, a Points-tested category visa, employer-sponsored visa, or any other visa that will get you to Australia.

3. Upgrade/update your qualifications

You can check if your current qualifications will land you a good job in Australia here – When you have great skills and qualifications, your chances of getting a good job in Australia will be high. Plus, the skills can come in handy when you find yourself in other places, not just Australia.

4. Target an industry

If you haven’t decided on the industry you will work in; you need to sit back and do proper research on the various industries functioning in Australia. The major industries here are mining, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and telecommunications. This will help you to tailor your resume and cover letter to secure a job in the industry easily.

5. Tailor your CV (resume)

It is advisable to “Aussiefy” your CV, that is, to put your CV in the Australia format. CV is also referred to as résumé in Australia, and getting your CV “Ossified” simply means to put it in the Australian style. This won’t make your CV look different; it’s just that you’ll have to make some key modifications, and it may be longer because you’ll have to detail your skills and qualifications.

We advise that you make your CV unique and don’t copy other people’s format verbatim. Add sections like “Career Summary” (a brief statement), “Key Qualifications,” “Key Skills,” and “Key Training.” You can search online for Australia CV formats/templates.

6. Prepare a compelling cover letter

Yes, you also need to write a cover letter and address key issues in the letter. Try to sound as professional as possible on the cover, this may attract an employer’s attention, and it’s a good thing, you know?

7. Search for good jobs

Here, you can explore different platforms to look out for job openings in Australia; this includes the newspapers, job-posting sites, social media, etc.


An Australian citizen once said that if you apply for a permanent residency through immigration, you have high chance of getting a job in Australia.


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