6 Places Not to Miss in Tokyo

6 Places not to miss in Tokyo, no doubt, tokyo in Japan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world; it should apparently be added to your bucket list destinations.

However, there are some specific spots/centers you shouldn’t miss when you finally arrive in Tokyo. These places/spots are either historic, fun-filled, remarkable, landmarks or spectacular. Here, we have listed some cool places to visit when you travel to Tokyo, Japan.

Where to visit when you travel to Tokyo, Japan

1. The Meiji Jingu Shrine

You shouldn’t miss this nice sightseeing venue. The Emperor Meji and His Wife lives in Shibuya, it’s only dedicated, Empress Shōken. This place is where you will meet lots of other people and buy gifts. However, the grave of the emperor is not in this shrine; instead, the grave is in Fushimi-Momoyama, south of Kyoto.  This Shinto shrine is one of the landmark places to visit in Tokyo.

2. The Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace is a Historic venue and it’s located in the Marunouchi District. The Imperial Palace is a beautiful edifice designed with modernized 17th-century parks and earthworks. A lot of tourists visit this place from time to time. It has beautiful surroundings and a distinct architectural design; this palace connects to different other landmarks in the city of Tokyo.

3. Tokyo Sky tree

Obviously, you would love a walk around the world’s Tallest Tower. The Tokyo Sky tree is actually a broadcasting and observation tower for the Kanto region, located at Sumida, Tokyo; it is the tallest structure in Japan, as well as the Tallest Tower in the world with a height of 634.0 meters. There are a lot of shops and eateries you will find in this Tower, where you can shop for the varieties that you need, as well as eat tasty meals.

4. Tokyo Tower

You will enjoy your visit to the Tokyo Tower. It’s located in the Shiba-Koen district of Minato. It follows the Tokyo Skytree to become the second-tallest structure in Japan, having a height of 332.9 meters. Interestingly, this Tower is older than Tokyo Sjkytree; the Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 and has attracted over 150 million visitors from around the world. Also, there are a lot of things you will see in this Tower, such as houses, museums, eateries, and shops.

5. Sensō-Ji

A visit to an ancient Buddhist temple will be a great deal for a religionist. This ancient temple is located in Asakusa, Tokyo, and it is actually the oldest temple in Japan’s city of Tokyo. Sensō-Ji temple became independent after WWII; before the war, it affiliated with the Tendai sect of Buddhism. You will see the popular five-story pagoda, Asakusa Shinto shrine, from this place. It has good sights, and lots of activities are done here. This place is said to be the most visited religious venue worldwide.

6. Tokyo Disneyland

Spanning across 115-acres of land, this Disney Parkis actually in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, very close to Tokyo. This is the first-ever Disney Park built outside the United States.; its main gate is directly adjacent to Maihama Station and Tokyo Disneyland Station. There are lots of other impressive sights around this place, and there’s never a time you won’t meet an activity here.

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