7 Proven Ways to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

It’s definitely goanna suck if you’re stuck in a flight for long hours. It doesn’t matter if the aircraft has built-in televisions behind the seats and other cozy features; the truth is that staying in an aircraft for up to 6 hours or more can be very boring and might be your worst nightmare. Well, we’ve gathered some tips that can help you cope with long-haul flights. Following our tips will keep you busy all through the journey and you may never notice you were on a long-haul flight. Ready? Let’s rock.

7 Proven Ways to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

1. Where’s my smartphone?

Yeah, it is not prohibited to use smartphones onboard a flight; however, you are advised to put the smartphone and every other electronic mobile device into flight mode. With your smartphone, you can engage yourself with interesting titles from Netflix if your plane has built-in Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

Nevertheless, if your aircraft doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi, you can engage with offline mobile games and while away some time. Some people download novels on their smartphones and read them during long-haul flights.

2. Where’s my snack?

Although you may be offered some snacks and refreshments, it is advisable to come along with your favorite snacks. Feeling hungry on a long-haul flight is what you won’t wish to experience because you’ll definitely feel terrible.

3. Ensure you get a seat at a nice position

Based on individual differences and other factors, different people would love to sit in different positions on a plane. Well, you can opt-in for the exit rolls, the window seats, or any other position that you think will make you feel very comfortable. However, you may not have the privilege to influence where you will be seated on most domestic flights. But, for where it is possible, get a nice place to seat.

4. Maybe you shouldn’t eat the airline’s food

Yeah, most airline foods contain more sodium, and if you take them, there are high chances that you’ll be dehydrated. Well, you can come with your water bottle, but what happens when the water inside gets finished? Do all you can to make sure you don’t get dehydrated on a long-haul flight; otherwise, you won’t like the experience.

5. Dress simple and comfortable

Your dress and shoes can be your greatest inconveniences on a long-haul flight. Try not to overdress, but appear simple in comfortable clothes and shoes.

6. Don’t forget your earbuds or noise cancellation headphones

Of course, you need something to plug into your ears and enjoy good music while you try to catch some sleep since the journey is a long one. However, asides that, you can use the headphone or earbuds to stream movies and watch some funny clips from sites like Vimeo, YouTube, or even Facebook.

7. Get an inflatable pillow and a blanket

Coming along with sleeping gears is advisable for long travels. Most apparently, you will feel sleepy and would love to rest a while. Use your pillow and blanket to make yourself comfortable as you try to sleep.


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