Arsenal legend picks five teams who will be in title race next season

Arsenal legend picks five teams who will be in title race next season

Arsenal continue their fine form in the premier League after week 30, the Gunners are in high spirits to win the title race. This is the Gunners best chance to win the title they last won 19 years ago.

The Gunners have been warned by one of the club legend Robert Pires, predicting as many as five clubs fighting for the league title next season.

Mikel Arteta ‘s men Mikel Arteta’s men are currently six points clear of the season place Manchester City with the Gunners a game ahead. The Gunners remain top of the EPL after 30 games with 73 points and the second place Manchester City 67 points in 29 games.

Robert Pires advice the Gunners to put in their best to win the league this season because next season will be much harder with more teams fighting for the league crown.

According to the Gunners legend Robert Pires, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and the Gunners will compete for 2023/2024 title.

“It’s about the Gunners continuing this run and rewarding themselves with the title. They really deserve it. Arsenal would be a fantastic champion.

“Arsenal also need to be able to deal with any minor setback quickly and get right back on the winning track the following game so as not to doubt themselves.”

Pires: “Of course, in the future, teams like Man City, Man United or even Chelsea and Liverpool will have better financial possibilities to remain competitive at the highest level, that is clear.

“Next season it will be much harder for Arsenal with the added burden of the Champions League.”


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