Barcelona Legend Andrés Iniesta Reaction To Allegation Of Barca Buying Referee

Andrés Iniesta has spoken to rac1 on allegation of referee buying against his former club FC Barcelona

He is absolutely convinced that Barça has never bought a referee. The information is notorious, and I understand that you are looking at what happened and what didn’t

Iniesta believe the outcome will be in favour of Barcelona  “We’ll see what happens, but obviously I feel, and I think one thing is what I could have done, and another is that some referee has been bought. I’m sure it’s never happened. We’re talking about very, very important things.”

According to him “Regarding the current Barça, I believe that the victory in El Clásico served to have a considerable distance to be able to win La Liga. Although until it’s mathematical, it’s not definitive and you have to win until the end, but they’re in a position to do it.”

Opinion on Barcelona style of play  “As for the style debate, it’s football. I think the idea is to want to play well, press and have mastery of the game. From there, there are moments and circumstances in matches that sometimes can’t happen. But the idea and the way we do things is non-negotiable.”

His take on the team transformation “The team’s evolution since Xavi’s arrival on the bench has been spectacular. He has prepared himself a lot to live in this moment, he has very clear ideas, he knows what he wants and how he wants it and what the place he occupies means.”

“I am confident that Barça can win the title this season and fight for everything to come.”

Finally “My future? Today I still see myself as a footballer, although I have always said that someday I would like to train as a coach.”

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