Best Cities to Work in Europe in 2023

Best Cities to Work in Europe in 2023, there are apparently two things that basically cause people to migrate to European cities; work or study. Thus, we have crafted this list of the best cities to work in Europe. We considered quite a couple of things while making up this list; this includes the salary rates, work-friendly environment, accommodation, et cetera. A lot of people move to Brisbane, Amsterdam, or France, but there are other good European cities.

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Best cities to work in Europe in 2020

1. Berlin, Germany

With a valid student visa, you can do some part-time jobs in Germany. Also, asides being a student, it isn’t pricey to live in Germany; the cost of living over there is considerable. The country’s capital, Berlin, is one of the best places to work in Europe. Some employees in Berlin earn a massive salary. Moreover, the average salary of workers in Berlin is estimated at £39,992 (GBP).

2. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is not just a beautiful place to live, but the city rules are friendly for home and abroad workers. Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, and it is home to quite a lot of historical sights. Also, there is a typical accommodation program, known as e-residency, which implies that you don’t actually have to live in Estonia before you can work in any company located in any state/city of the country

3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands has some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it an excellent country to migrate to if you’re looking to work overseas. Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, and it is home to lots of companies, startups, businesses, and industries. In 2017, marketing reports showed Amsterdam in 2017, marketing firm HubSpot declared that Amsterdam was the best tech city in Europe, considering certain factors such as broadband speed, salaries, et cetera.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Maybe you should consider moving to Portugal, and when you do, head over to Lisbon. This European city has a lot of compelling reasons to attract workers from outside countries. A lot of entrepreneurs are in this city, and there are a ton of tech startups existing there, too. Move Hub estimates that the average salary of workers in Lisbon is £18,931 (GBP).

5. Eindhoven

Also in the Netherlands, Eindhoven is the best place for tech-savvy to work. This city is known as a technology and design hub. In case you don’t know, the popular Philips electronics started here, as well as the PSV soccer team. Eindhoven is not just a place to work, but it is a charming city to live in. The general cost of living in Eindhoven is considerate, and you will find lots of good sites.

6. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a fast-growing capital city in Europe; it is filled with friendly citizens, good companies, and a nice working environment for foreigners. You will find lots of good jobs in Stockholm. Milken Institute’s ‘Best-Performing Cities Europe Index’ showed Stockholm as the number two best-performing city in Europe after London. Also, English is widely spoken in Stockholm, so it is easy to converse with other people you will meet there.

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