BREAKING NEWS: Barcelona Face Champions League Ban As UEFA Open An Investigation

BREAKING NEWS: Barcelona face a ban from the Champions League as UEFA open an investigation

FC Barcelona is now facing UEFA threat of possible Champions League ban, following the referees buying allegation. The is alleged to have paid millions of dollars Negreira.

Negreira is a former vice president of Spanish football’s refereeing committee.

He is alleged to have received money worth 7.3 million euros (£6.4 million) from 2001-18 through DASNIL and NILSAT in return for referees to favour FC Barcelona in their decisions

As at the time of this report, no evidence has been published relating to referees or individual games were actually influenced.

The club has claimed to have done nothing wrong and maintain their innocent till date

Laporta’s advisor Masip in an interview said “Barça have done nothing wrong and have never benefited from anyone to win anything. We have never done anything wrong to win a title or a match. Barça will defend themselves and the club’s honour at all times through the president and the board of directors — up until the last consequences.”

Negreira himself made similar claims during his initial investigation by Spain’s Inland Revenue, saying his services had been procured to guarantee ‘neutral refereeing’.

UEFA has started an investigation into the allegation on Thursday. The governiy body have the right to ban teams from the competition for one season if they are found to be involved in match fixing.









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