Chelsea player travels to Spain for reunion after disappointing performance for Blues

Chelsea player flies to Spain for reunion after disappointing performance for Blues

Nicolas Jackson is once again at the eye of the storm after another toothless performance in the Premier League.

He didn’t offer nearly enough threat up front against Newcastle, despite some moments where his typical hard running and pressing almost caused trouble for the Magpies.

24 hours later fans were still fuming, but Jackson had been able to put it all behind him and return to his former club Villareal. There he was received warmly in the dressing room by all his old teammates, as was recorded on the club’s Twitter page.

The timing of it is slightly odd, it has to be said. Given there’s just been a two week international break, it seems odd that Jackson wouldn’t have squeezed this trip in at some point then. But then again he was busy with Senegal. Sundays are days off for players when they’ve played on Saturday, and if they want to spend it on a flight to Spain, so be it.


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