Chelsea players seek immediate contract termination to leave club

Close reports from Cobham have a source there who is trying to explain the dreadful malaise on the pitch. His revelations from behind the scenes make it seem inevitable that this group is going to struggle in the actual games.

As we have long suspected, huge swathes of these players know if they will be here next season, and they just can’t be expected to put their body on the line and play their hearts out if that’s the case.

“[I understand] from a very good source inside the club that many of the players have been openly speaking about offers that their agents are getting and wondering whether they will be involved in the next manager’s plans or not.

Some longer -term deals are being left worried if they will be in the future plans or not,” Phillips revealed.

We can just imagine the scenes now, all 30 first team squad members sitting around discussing where they might be next season, rather than thinking about how they can get a result the next day.

In the Premier League, where every percentage point of difference between two teams can mean a win or loss, something massively psychologically like this is enormous when it comes to the result.

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