Finally: Chelsea reportedly made a decision regarding Mauricio Pochettino amid Chelsea’s sack pressure

Chelsea reportedly made a decision regarding Mauricio Pochettino amid Chelsea’s sack pressure

One word kept popping up more than others in Mauricio Pochettino’s pre-match press conference on Friday – ‘Process’.

Nine times Pochettino said the word during his media duties that lasted approximately 20 minutes at Cobham. It is clearly a word and a point that Pochettino was adamant to get across to the public following Chelsea’s humbling defeat at Newcastle United last weekend.

After two really strong performances against Tottenham and Manchester City before the international break last month, the Blues were sent something of a reality check on Tyneside as they were comfortably beaten 4-1 by Newcastle at St James’ Park. There was not much Pochettino could do on the day but that did not stop the anger boiling up inside him – as we all saw post-match when the Argentine addressed the media.

But after reflecting on what he saw and dissecting the problems Chelsea had on the day, Pochettino seemed a lot more relaxed about the whole situation. The Blues boss was very quick to deflect all of the blame from his players and even put some on himself and the coaching staff.

“It’s not the players on one side and the coaching staff on the other side. Everyone works together,” Pochettino said. “I think it’s always about to put the context on the situation and I think it’s important that the players feel the coaches in a natural way when we are angry and when we are happy.

“We were tough in our analysis, but tough is about to tell the truth, to show the things we didn’t do, of course, but it’s not to blame them, it’s about to blame everyone. Like I told you before, maybe our approach wasn’t right.

“Then it’s about maybe to pay attention for us to have a different approach in the future. We are a young team, maybe sometimes we need to be tough to learn and sometimes to be nice, and we need to choose in the way we are going to express ourselves and translate the ideas.”

Pochettino knows he is not immune from criticism. He knows better than anyone the sort of pressure he was putting himself under when he agreed to take the Chelsea job earlier in the summer. Every single defeat is magnified because of the sheer size of the football club.

That, however, is perhaps something he needs to learn to deal with because as he pointed out on nine occasions, the squad are currently at the start of a process. He did not want to get sucked into talking about the club’s targets this season. As a lot of people involved in football say, the old cliché: ‘We’re taking each day as it comes’ was brought out by Pochettino.

“It is mathematical. I think we still need to believe that it’s realistic,” Pochettino responded when asked if it is still realistic to target a place in this season’s top four. “It’s going to be tough to achieve the places to allow us to play in European competition.

“The most important [thing] now is not to see the end of the season, but to see the process and to improve every day. That is the most difficult thing always in this type of process; to be focused on today and not on tomorrow.”

When asked about the owners and whether they share the same thoughts on it being a ‘process’, Pochettino replied: “Yes, of course. That is the reality. It’s not [only] to us. That is the process. That is the realistic situation. They are supporting this, the owners, of course.”

There are going to be bumps. Of course there are; what Chelsea are travelling on right now is an extremely bumpy road. But there needs to be some sign of smoothness at points. Some signs of progress. That’s what the owners – and the supporters – will buy in to.


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