Frank Lampard’s words to his team ahead of Real Madrid Clash

Chelsea’s season has gone from bad to worse since Frank Lampard was put back in charge and really, it was a season that couldn’t get much worse already.

Three different managers have been in place at Chelsea so far this season and none of them have yet really been able to get a tune out of these players. Many fans have grown very frustrated with the players lack of effort and lack of belief, rightfully questioning their mentalities.

But Frank Lampard believes that his players do not lack hunger, even though many of us will strongly disagree with that. Lampard believes that it is more a confidence issue rather than a lack of effort.

In recent words picked up by The Evening Standard, Lampard said:

“I think maybe when some players are lacking confidence then it can be seen as a hunger thing.

“When you are a yard short, you are just a yard short. Or when you are receiving the ball and not confident, you take your first touch backwards.

“That can sometimes feel like a hunger or lack of passion thing but I don’t feel that. I feel like the players are hungry to be successful as Chelsea players.”

Personally I think it’s all interconnected. Lack of confidence is a mentality thing. Of course results haven’t helped, but some of these players lack strong personalities and that leads to a lack of fight.


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