Gary Neville calls Chelsea players ‘disgusting’ and owner a ‘nightmare’ and ‘laughing stock’

Legendary former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has called Chelsea players ‘disgusting’ and owner a ‘nightmare’ and ‘laughing stock’

When discussing Chelsea current poor performance and the root cause last night in an interview with Sky Sports, Neville point out Todd Boehly and the owners as those to blame for Chelsea woeful season.

However, the players are not free from his criticism describing their embarrassing performance against Arsenal in the 3-1 defeat on Tuesday night as disgusting.

Here is the quotes drawn from the video by Chelsea News

“Disgusting,” Neville said when reviewing their performance.

“It’s the best team on paper I’ve ever seen play as badly as that. It was a shambles, pathetic. Those players, I can’t believe it. That was as bad as I’ve seen. Frank Lampard will be disgusted with what he saw. They’ve chucked the towel in, they might as well not turn up. If you’re Lampard you might as well leave them all out and play a bunch of kids. As players with the quality and pride you have, you cannot stoop to the level.”

And when pinning the blame, Neville says it starts from the top: “It all comes from the top, it’s been a mess from day one. Todd Boehly is a nightmare, he’s completely mis-read this league. What’s happened this season is purely down to him. He’s the non-footballing department so he needs to stay where he is and let the footballing people run their department. They’re a laughing stock, the whole thing has been a shambles.”

But it’s not all negative, Neville thinks Chelsea will do well next season and be back.

“I do think if they can get Mauricio Pochettino they can be moulded into a top four team and challenge for trophies next season,” he said. “I think they can make a real challenge next season and people might think I’m mad.”

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