Great performance: £107m star praised by Premier League legend for “exemplary character”

£107m star praised by Premier League legend for “exemplary character”

Enzo Fernandez was bought by Chelsea for the kind of price tag (£107m) and with the kind of pedigree that is always going to invite serious scrutiny.

Whenever he goes off the boil for a bit, you can expect we’ll hear about it. It’s just the way things go. The last few weeks we’d seen some slightly distant performances from him, probably a legacy of the number of games he’s playing combined with his regular trips to South America to play for Argentina.

But on Sunday he was back to his best, and he had Alan Shearer signing his praises on the Premier League’s official website:

“Delivered a proper No 8 performance and showed great character to step up and convert the penalty that ultimately won the match.”

He will have to dust himself down and do it all again tonight, and then there’s another game this weekend. This will be his first test of the English Christmas period, and we hope the World Cup winner will rise to the occasion.


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