How to become a travel agent

How to become a travel agent, becoming a travel agent isn’t so much a big deal as you may have imagined it to be. Well, there are quite different ways you can become a travel agent without even having an offline office. However, in a time like this when travel is now being processed online via different platforms and apps, are travel agents still relevant?

Well, travel agents are still very important. Even though people don’t call up or visit travel agents’ offices, a lot of people still consult travel agents before making certain big trips (to bucket-list destinations). Thus, the job of being a travel agent is still relevant; however, you need to modernize your approach and mode of operation.

How to become a travel agent

1. What type of travel agent do you want to be (offline or online agent or both)

First things first, you need to understand what you’re about venturing into. Being an online travel agent is the latest trend in this regard. It makes you stay at home and run most of your services through the internet without having to meet with your clients physically.

Also, there are two major types of travel agents, corporate and leisure agents. While corporate agents work for companies that have workers who travel frequently, leisure travel agents are more like “freelancers”, and they help individuals book personal vacations.

2. Streamline your services and be specific

No one knows it all; you may be a travel expert, but you truly don’t know much about some specific types of travel or destinations. Thus, you have to streamline your services as a travel agent to those destinations and areas of travel that fascinate you.

3. Get the necessary training and certifications

You need to be properly trained in how to become a professional travel agent. Of course, you should know this, for every professional job, you need to be certified in that profession. Being a travel agent is quite a professional job and you need to undergo training and obtain relevant certificates from institutes and possibly high schools.

4. Use a catchy name for your business

Being a travel agent is a business; you should use a nice name that suits what you’re offering. Scoop various sources and get a unique name that is short and catchy. Once you’re done getting a business name, then register the name to make your business appear real and professional to clients.

5. Get a good office

Well, even if you are planning to be an online travel agent, you still need an offline office. Choose a nice place for your office and start getting things started.

6. Utilize your contacts

This simply means using people you know to get what you want. For example, if you’re planning on helping big groups travel to some specific destinations and you know a few persons (friends) residing and working in those destinations, then, you can get in touch with those of your friends to always help you attend to your clients when they arrive at those destinations.

7. Join an organization

Align yourself with other people that are into what you’re doing. This will enlighten you more on the ethics of the business and help you grow over time.


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