How to Live and Travel in Thailand for Free

How to Live and Travel in Thailand for Free, Thailand is one of those beautiful and interesting places to add to your travel bucket list. The country is full of great sights and friendly people. It is a good place to live and work. However, some people have been searching for how to travel to Thailand for free. Well, it is literally not possible to travel abroad without committing some payment. That said, it is not true that you can live and travel free in Thailand; however, this blog will expose how you can get engaged with some works in Thailand, and these works will cover a lot of expenses you should have made; thus, making it seem as if you’re living free in Thailand.

How to live and travel free in Thailand

1. Sign up for volunteer works (help exchange networks)

There are quite a lot companies, organizations, and hotels in Thailand that would offer you free accommodation if you volunteer to help them out in doing some certain jobs. Interestingly, some of these companies will equally offer food, but many would offer only one incentive (food or accommodation). So, you should do some proper research before applying for a volunteer job in Thailand.

There are equally helpful exchange networks, where you have to offer help to an association or company, and in turn, they’ll provide you with free accommodation.

One thing to note about these services (both volunteering and help exchange) is that you can apply for more than one because they typically don’t engage you full-time. Some volunteer and help exchange networks in Thailand are:

WWOOF Thailand



Work Away

2. Apply to teach English in Thailand

It is important first to know that before you apply for a job to teach English in Thailand, you must be a fluent English speaker. This is a very lucrative job in Thailand. Once you can speak English fluently, you can sign up for the TEFL Internship and get employed into some informal schools where you’ll be provided with free accommodation, as well as receive up to 34,000 (THB) as monthly salaries. With such a salary, and being that you don’t have to pay for rent, you’ll definitely save a lot of money and live enjoyably in Thailand.

More so, the cost of living in Thailand is quite cheap, unlike other cities, you can get a tasty meal at $1. There are some requirements for this program:

  • Applicants must be aged between 21 – 45
  • An applicant must be a native English speaker
  • Passport holder from either of the following country: USA, Australia, Canada, UK, South Africa, Ireland, or New Zealand
  • Bachelor’s degree holder

3. Creativity is always the key

Another way to live free in Thailand may sound awkward, but it is still somehow interesting. You just have to be creative with accommodation, which simply implies that you can live the van life or stay in camps. Many would still prefer to stay with hosts in exchange for some services.

In summary, it is not actually like you’re just be living free in Thailand, but these points made here on this post are similar to such conception.

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