How to Process International Travel Insurance & Documents Needed

How to Process International Travel Insurance & Documents Needed, Traveling is such an exciting event – especially when you’re traveling for vacation or holiday. However, traveling follows a process; there are documents to prepare, there are prerequisites to put in place, and of course, you need insurance cover.

While every traveler would hope for a hitch-free trip, sometimes, things go south, and for that reason, it is advisable to get some sort of insurance cover to reduce the cost you’d have to pay if things should go wrong with your planned trip.

There are many types of international travel insurance, but the most common one is medical insurance cover. For you to get travel insurance cover, you need to provide certain documents that’d authenticate your application.

How to Process International Travel Insurance & Documents Needed

Many agencies offer travel insurance packages; even so, some airlines include insurance coverage in their packages (though it is usually made optional). This article explains the process involved in getting insurance coverage as an international traveler.

1. Find a Reliable Travel Insurance Agency

As said earlier, there are quite many agencies that claim to offer the best-affordable international travel insurance, but you shouldn’t be moved by their “sweet talks” and “exciting offers.” Take time to research the travel agencies offering the particular type of insurance coverage you wish to get.

While searching for a reliable travel insurance issuer, ensure to check their reviews, feedback, and comments from their past customers. A company with no public feedback isn’t a good choice; however, except it is a newly founded agency.

2. Review the Plans and Policies

Don’t be too quick to settle with a travel agency because it offers cheaper insurance packages. Some of these agencies are tricky, they try to entice you with mouthwatering prices, while their policies “suck.” Hence, you should take your time to scrutinize the policies offered in an international travel insurance plan. If the policies sit well with you, then you can proceed.

3. Submit the Necessary Documents

Before an international travel insurance issuer would cover you for a specified clause, you need to provide some relevant documents, which typically includes:

  • A photocopy of your visa
  • Copies of all your identification documents
  • Passport photograph(s)
  • Medical/Health report
  • Proof of booking

4. Pay the Cost

After submitting the documents, upon verification by the insurance issuer, you’d have to pay the total or part of the cost of your insurance. Some insurance issuers offer reasonable discounts; you could be lucky.

What More?

Getting international travel insurance is quite compulsory for embarking on certain journeys. You should carefully choose a company to purchase insurance from, for Canada trip, kindly visit Travel insurance – and always ensure that you read the policies, terms, and conditions provided with the insurance plan you wish to get.

The cost of getting international travel insurance varies from issuer to issuer, and also depends on the plan you’re getting. Moreover, some plans allow you to include paid add-ons if you wish. However, on average, travel insurance costs from $100 – $130 for one adult and one child. Apparently, the more people to be included in the insurance coverage, the higher the cost.


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