Latest update on the fitness of top Chelsea star

Latest update on the fitness of top Chelsea player

Christopher Nkunku has recovered well from the knee injury that has kept him away from first-ream football for many weeks now.

This is according to football journalist, Nizaar Kinsella, who says that the 26-year-old should be back in action for Chelsea any time from now, after he has been spotted training well on many occasions.

“I think they can bring him back quite quickly in this particular case,” said Kinsella on the London Is Blue podcast.

“He’s in great shape, done his recovery really well.

“I think he naturally trains brilliantly anyway and he’s got a great body for recovering from injuries.

“I think there was a little bit of talk about bringing him back for City before the international break, but I think it was only a bit of a joke. The medical staff took it out of his hands.

“What will happen now is that they’ll bring him back to the training pitch, see how he reacts to training. Really have a good look at him.

“Expect to see some training ground pics of him this week, and if he comes through that you’d see him on the bench for a few weeks, but I don’t think they’ll reintroduce him slowly.”


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