List Of Flagrant Refereeing Mistakes That Cost Barcelona Titles During The Alleged ‘Negreira Period.’

Mundo Deportivohave released a list of flagrant refereeing mistakes that cost Barcelona titles during the alleged ‘Negreira period.’

-Rivaldo’s Clasico-winning goal wrongly disallowed in 2001

– Unfairly disallowed goal for Barcelona, and clear penalty on Luis Enrique not called in El Clasico 2002

– Clear penalty on Ronaldinho not called in El Clasico 2007-

-Arbeloa was not sent off even after a criminal foul on David Villa in the Clasico Copa del Rey Final 2011. Xavi Alonso and Pepe could also have been red carded, and Pedro’s goal was unfairly disallowed

– Pepe not sent off despite stepping on Messi’s hand in El Clasico 2012

– Iniesta booked against Betis for ‘simulating a foul,’ despite a clear penalty in 2012

– Khedira scores an illegal offside goal for Real Madrid at the Camp Nou in 2012

– Messi’s title winning goal against Atletico Madrid unfairly disallowed in 2014

– A goal that clearly went over the line not counted vs Real Betis in 2017

– Another goal that clearly went over the line not counted against Valencia in 2017

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