Moving to a top club like Chelsea speaks about the big difference for expensive signings

Moving to a top club like Chelsea speaks about the big difference for expensive signings

There are only a limited number of players at Stamford Bridge this week as the international break rolls on, but there’s still great interest in hearing from all of them. Reece James had a nice chat with club media channels yesterday, and today it’s Marc Cucurella’s turn.

In an interview on the club website, the left back talked us through his season so far, looking back on a nightmare situation of a year ago and his struggles to adapt from a player who had shone at Brighton to a club like Chelsea where standards and expectations were far higher, yet the squad and structure weren’t in place to achieve that.

“When you come to a big club, for sure the pressure is there. When you go to a normal club, there is not this pressure. It’s different. You need to win but the objectives are different. Here at Chelsea, every week, every game, you have to win. Otherwise the team and fans aren’t happy. That is the big difference.”

“We are creating good habits here, a good young team, and are starting to build something important. It’s not enough so far because we want to win every game but I think the way we are playing now is good.

“We need to keep producing our best performance and manage the small details, mistakes. Once we do this, we can win more games and the pressure is eased.”

No matter what your opinions on Marc as a player (and there are quite a few negatives ones), he’s a cheery and enthusiastic presence, and even when times have been unspeakably tough for him he’s managed to keep his chin up. He deserves a lot of credit for that, no matter what happens.

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