O’Hara opens up about Chelsea owner Todd Boehly and what he has done to Chelsea; Here is what he said

O’Hara opens up about Chelsea owner Todd Boehly and what he has done to Chelsea; Here is what he said.

O’Hara was reacting after Chelsea was crashed out of the UEFA Champions League and he felt very disappointed not just by Chelsea getting eliminated but the way they played was too poor.

Talking about Todd Boehly and what he has done to Chelsea, O’Hara said;

O’Hara told Grosvenor Sport: “Everything Todd Boehly has done so far has been a mistake.

“The recruitment has been shocking. He brought in Graham Potter and all his backroom staff which turned out to be a nightmare, and now they haven’t won a game yet under Lampard – so you’d have to say that’s probably another mistake appointing him.

“In my opinion, Todd Boehly’s a bit of an idiot, and he’s thrown Frank a bone to ‘come and bring Chelsea back’, but Frank’s too low on confidence – he has lost all eight of his games as a manager in 2023.

“It’s Micky Mouse stuff what has happened at that football club recently. They’ve got a billionaire owner in Boehly, but you could have all the money in the world and not have a clue how to run a football club.

“It’s been a joke – Boehly has actually buried the mentality of that football team, and the DNA of Chelsea is completely lost at the moment. They need to find it again, and quickly.

“I don’t know where his [Lampard’s] career goes from here. I think he’s a bit lost for ideas. He needs to go away and work on his managerial skills and game.

“I look at Chelsea and they just look totally lost under him. The players don’t know what they’re doing.

“There’s no point in doing another managerial change now, unless that manager is guaranteed to be there at the start of next season.

“I don’t know who the manager is that they’re trying to get, but he’d want to bring in his own people and own staff and have a fresh start. They wouldn’t want to come into this – it’s a poisoned chalice right now.”

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