‘Once we do this…’ – reveals one important thing Chelsea must do to win more games 

‘Once we do this…’ – reveals one important thing Chelsea must do to win more games

Marc Cucurella believes that better game management is the most crucial ingredient that is now missing from Chelsea’s current team.

The Blues have proven to be a far better side lately after the inconsistencies that plagued their performances in the early stages of the campaign.

Chelsea have now played four of the traditional ‘big six’ sides in the Premier League, including Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester City, without losing against any of them. In fact, the Blues resoundingly beat Ange Potescoglu’s men 4-1 away from home, and while Cucurella believes that things are gradually falling into place, the Spaniard has highlighted the need to eliminate little mistakes that cost the team valuable points.

“When you come to a big club, for sure the pressure is there,” he said in a chat with the official Chelsea website.

“When you go to a normal club, there is not this pressure. It’s different. You need to win but the objectives are different. Here at Chelsea, every week, every game, you have to win. Otherwise the team and fans aren’t happy. That is the big difference.

“We are creating good habits here, a good young team, and are starting to build something important. It’s not enough so far because we want to win every game but I think the way we are playing now is good.

“We need to keep producing our best performance and manage the small details, mistakes. Once we do this, we can win more games and the pressure is eased.”


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