Pochettino expressed his desire to remain at Chelsea forever or for the rest of my life.

Reason Mauricio Pochettino says he wants to stay at Chelsea ‘until I die’

Let’s put a new slant on all this media hysteria being created around Mauricio Pochettino in the build up to tonight’s big game.

Pochettino is going back to his former club tonight, a club who he naturally will hold an affection for, as his new team Chelsea face Tottenham in the Premier League. And what a huge game this is.

The drama and toxicity has been built up by the media asking about 100 questions to Pochettino about Spurs this week, creating great titles and out of context quotes for everyone to lap up, naturally.

It’s created a divide between Pochettino and SOME Chelsea fans ahead of the game, all because of some headlines and quotes that have been designed to manipulate.

Pochettino says he wants to stay at Chelsea until he dies, but he also didn’t rule out managing Spurs again one day – and this is apparently a huge issue for some Chelsea fans!!

As cited by The Evening Standard, Pochettino said: Hopefully, I can stay here until I die! 20 or 25 years, but you never know in football. It’s a club, for sure if I’m not working, maybe if they want me one day… why not?”

“Who knows? It’s like life, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. We need to enjoy today. I think now [that I am] 51, I am thinking more about that and enjoying today and not looking too much in the future, in the long term. But, why not?”


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