Revealed: potential FFP punishment that Chelsea could face

An expert breaks down potential FFP charges for Chelsea and the media frenzy surrounding it!

There has been a bit of scaremongering of late regarding potential charges and punishment that Chelsea could end up receiving, according to one reliable expert this week.

We have seen all sorts of claims and things written about Chelsea over the weekend, things that have naturally worried big parts of The Blues fan base.

Journalist Ben Jacobs has written an extensive article on it all for The SPTC website yesterday and it really details all the facts and information around it all, and Ben somewhat reassures Chelsea fans about the situation on the whole.

Basically, he feels there is a bit of scaremongering going on from the media via different things written prematurely this week and really, expulsion from the Premier League and a 30-point deductions, is all just major hysteria right now.

Jacobs says: “In light of Everton’s 10-point deduction for Profit and Sustainability breaches, there has been a fair amount of scaremongering relating to both Chelsea and Manchester City.

“Right now it’s far too early to be writing about a 30 point punishment or ‘expulsion’ from the Premier League. And just because Everton have been punished, or if Manchester City are, I would be really wary or presuming that means Chelsea will suffer the same fate. Each case is so different.”

We obviously need to wait and see what happens, which is the bottom line. But reading this article in full is very refreshing.

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