The Airline Passenger Rights Everyone Should Know

The Airline Passenger Rights Everyone Should Know, irrespective of wherever you find yourself, there are some rights reserved for you. For travelers, it is advisable that you know about your rights as an air passenger. Unfortunately, a lot of new travelers don’t know about air passenger rights, and that’s why we are writing this article.

When certain things occur at the airport, such as flight cancellation, flight rescheduling, or any other incidence, as a passenger on the affected flight, you have the right to some compensation. Similarly, there are quite a lot of airline passenger rights you may not know; read them below.

Airline Passenger Rights

These air passenger rights are effective in America and Europe. However, it is still applicable to some other parts of the world.

Whether you’re stuck at the airport because of overbooked flights or delayed flights, you should know these airline passenger rights.

1. Compensations for overbooked flights

According to the EEC’s Regulation EC261; a passenger is entitled to some certain compensation if he/she is able to meet up with check-in deadlines only to get bumped or booked in an overbooked plane. The compensation is not valid if you miss the check-in deadline. In the other hand, the compensation applies frequent-flyer ticket holders. Also, if you don’t get to your final destination within 3 hours of the expected arrival time, you’re eligible for €250, €400, or €600 compensation depending on defined terms and conditions.

This is for Europeans airlines

In the United States, the Department of Transportation (DOT) clearly made out rules on overbooking, which applies to passengers who have valid reservations to be on a particular flight. If you get bumped involuntarily as a result of an overbooked flight, then, the airline owes you compensation. However, if the airline can be able to get you to your destination in not more than one hour of your expected arrival time, then, the airline doesn’t owe you compensation.

The DOT rules on overbooking and bumping aren’t so different from those of the EEC. According to the US DOT, if a passenger does not meet up with the check-in deadline, such passenger is not eligible for any compensation.

2. Tarmac delays airline passenger rights

If your flight is delayed on the tarmac upon arrival or departure, US laws address this issue carefully. It is mandated that an airline shouldn’t keep you on a plane for more than three hours against your will. However, the law indicates that food and water should be given to all passengers on board a flight after two hours of delay while updating the passengers within 30 minutes intervals.

But if an airline disobeys these “Tarmac Delay” rules, the passengers on board the flight would get no compensation. However, the US DOT will fine the airline.


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The essence of this post is to notify our readers and travel enthusiasts that they are entitled to certain rights in different unappealing situations when trying to travel with an airline.

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