Thiago Silva opens up after Real Madrid loss yesterday; Look at what you done wrong and change it

Thiago Silva opens up after Real Madrid loss yesterday; Look at what you done wrong and change it.

Thiago Silva is not having any of these things at Chelsea right now and during the time of Abramovich Chelsea had one of the best times and now things are very different.

After yet another loss yesterday, Chelsea will need to do better and fix this in time to avoid loosing again in the EPL this weekend.

Drogba said some strong words, which you can find in the article below in full. But he says that he no longer recognises his club, and that is really sad to read.


He isn’t the only Chelsea player former or current who is speaking out on the owners mistakes and the current climate at the club. Thiago Silva is also finding it hard to not speak his truths right now as well, especially after losing to Real Madrid last night and going out of the Champions League.

Silva believes that the players need to step up, and highlights the hiring of four managers in one season as being wrong.

In words cited by The Metro, Silva said: “Everybody talks too much about replacing managers. I think we, as players, must also take responsibility.

“We have had three managers this season, plus a fourth with Bruno where we failed to win. We have lost today and with Lampard we have failed to win.

“Everybody is talking about the manager but we must look at what has been done wrong and try to change.

“It has been a very difficult season and a frustrating one for me personally.

“It might have been my last match in the Champions League.

“I have only one year left on my contract and my career is reaching the end. It’s a very sad day.

“But I think we must continue working to try to win as many matches until the end of the season.”




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