Too late: Pep questioned over sale of talented ten to Chelsea

Manchester City boss Pep questioned over sale of talented ten to Chelsea

The Daily Mail had a really interesting debate today about Man City – and more specifically, Pep Guardiola, make a mistake in selling Cole Palmer to Chelsea?

He looked like a great talent, and still does. Surely Coach Guardiola goofed in selling him?

Hmm. On the other hand, perhaps the question would be better phrased as – did Pep make a mistake in not using Cole Palmer more? It seems more that Palmer pushed to leave than City wanting him out.

Can you question Guardiola’s decision to do that? Well, he won the treble last year, so it’s pretty hard to argue it didn’t pay off . The only reason undermining the future of your team can be forgiven is in order to achieve the best short term success possible – and Pep has just done that.

Ultimately, you can’t have it all. You can’t prioritise winning every game AND developing youth.

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