Top Secrets to Cheap Flights

Top secrets to cheap flights, you may have read quite a lot of blogs about cheap flights, but here, we are going to provide up-to-date secrets on how to book cheap flights. It is no doubt that you can get discounts on flight bookings when you use some mobile apps.

However, depending on your destination, your flight ticket can be very expensive. Whatever the case, our secrets to cheap flight booking will come in handy for everyone traveling abroad.

Top Secrets to Cheap Flights

1. Fly on Cheap Days

Studies from reputable flight search engines show that midweek days are the cheapest days to travel; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Also, Saturdays are a good day to book cheap flights as many people must have booked on the day before (Friday).  Flights are usually expensive during the weekend, and Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive days to travel.

2. Book with Cheap Airlines

Obviously, some airlines are more expensive than some other ones. If you’re looking for cheap flights, then you should research and find cheap airlines within your area. The best way to find cheap (low-cost) airlines is by looking up dedicated search engines and platforms such as, Sky scanner, and Google Flights.

3. Sign up for Travel Deals and Offers

Here are some websites to sign up to and receive handy emails regarding cheap flight deals and other offers;

  • The Flight Deal
  • Scott’s Cheap Flights
  • Holiday Pirates
  • Secret Flying
  • Airfare watchdog

However, it is important to note that cheap flights are usually available over a 24-hour period. So, if you miss the news flash, you will miss out on the deal. That said, you should sign up for newsletters and mailing lists to get first-hand info on cheap flight bookings.

4. Fly Early

Most times, early morning flights are cheaper to fly. According to Rick Seaney (C.E.O.,, the first morning flights are usually less expensive, and if you miss that, then you should wait for lunch-hour or dinner-hour flights.

5. Book in Advance

If you plan to travel in summer, book at least six weeks in advance, you will get a fair deal. Travel experts, however, have said that booking in advance doesn’t guarantee you will get cheaper flights. Certainly, many airlines offer great deals regularly, but booking in advance, sometimes, leaves you with the best cheap flight to your destination.

6. Consider Checking the Prices in Other Currencies

A travel enthusiast once shared, “when U.S.S. was far stronger than New Zealand’s current, I found a one-way flight from Australia to N.Y.C. for $1,000. However, when I looked up the New Zealand version of the airline, I was able to book the same ticket for $600. However, this trick isn’t foolproof; besides, some airlines don’t have different website versions.

7. Follow Up Social Media Travel Trends

You can subscribe to YouTube channels, follow travel profiles on twitter, and like travel pages on Facebook to keep up the latest travel and flight news from various sources. You can typically get handy information about cheap flights from these platforms.

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