Two Things That Could Break Arsenal Deadlock At Anfield Against Liverpool

Liverpool will this weekend welcome Arsenal at Anfield in a crucial premier League clash. The game will go a long way in Arsenal quest for the league title in over 19 years. With 8 points clear of the second place Manchester City, the Gunners will be looking to maintain their lead in the EPL title race.

Arsenal last victory at Anfield was in their 2-0 win on September 2, 2012, since then the Gunners have failed in taken all three points at Anfield.

The Reds performance away from home this season have been nothing to write home about, but could be a beast playing at home. Anfield is not just a stadium but a fortress for Liverpool even when they’ve struggled away, the Reds are beast at home.

Liverpool 11 years home unbeaten record over Arsenal speaks about Liverpool strength at Anfield against the Gunners. Arsenal will love to put an end to the record this weekend as they visit Anfield in week 30 of the Premier League.

Here are two things that could break Arsenal deadlock at Anfield against Liverpool.

Must Avoid Counterattack

Arsenal must avoid Liverpool counterattack, the Reds could be dangerous if given any counter attack opportunity. With the attacking strength and spend of the likes of Mo Salah, Darwin Nunez, Cody Gakpo and Roberto Firmino, any counterattack opportunity for Reds could come with a big price for the Gunners. This are set of players who can utilize any counterattack opportunity they get. A win for Arsenal will be the best.

Early Goals With Be Crucial

Anfield is Liverpool fortress, their Anthem in Anfield is a weapon of distruction. They never walk alone at home, with their supporters backing anything is possible. The more minutes you play at Anfield the more difficult it is to score goals, ask Manchester United.

Killing the game as early as possible will be key to Arsenal victory. Early goals will be needed to silent the Reds fans and reduce the pressure of Gunners playing at Anfield.

Arsenal way of ending games have been impressive this season, they will need to kill the game as fast as possible.

let’s know your opinion in the comments section below. what can Arsenal do to break the 11 years deadlock at Anfield this weekend?

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