Why Chelsea board actually wants Mauricio Pochettino to take over right now after last night defeat

Some at Chelsea are reportedly ready to put out the SOS call to Mauricio Pochettino right now.

Things have been going from terrible to abysmal at Chelsea under Frank Lampard’s second reign back as manager, and this has led for some at Chelsea to call for Pochettino to start his role immediately.

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That is according to the latest roundup by the reliable Sami Mokbel of The Daily Mail.

He reports that all the indications are that Frank Lampard will see out the season because Chelsea want to show Lampard the respect that his legacy deserves.

However, he also says that there are some at Stamford Bridge who believe the team would benefit from Pochettino taking over before the season ends because it would give him a running start to his first full season at the helm.

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Personally I think there should be a happy medium by announcing Pochettino right now and letting him get to work behind the scenes then starting officially this summer.



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