Why Mauricio Pochettino blame players for disappointing match

Why Mauricio Pochettino blame players for disappointing match

A rather interesting point was put to Mauricio Pochettino in his press conference today. The journalist said that most people found it hard to know what they were going to get from Chelsea, week to week. Was the manager frustrated by that? Did he feel his team had made any progress towards consistency?

Pochettino actually disagreed. It seems that despite some bad results, he had always enjoyed his team’s efforts. Apart from on one occasion:

No, only once [we didn’t get what we expected]. This season there was only one game, Newcastle, that we were all disappointed because we expected a different performance from the team. In five months only once. We were consistent in our performance, we get the result we deserve, disappointed with the Newcastle game.”

It certainly was notable how different his tone was after that game. Let’s hope that the fact we followed it up with quite a gritty win this weekend has wiped the slate clean all around. What we really want to feel is that the team are improving week on week, and some consistency in results is needed before we can really get that.

What do we expect against Manchester United? Probably not a win, but there’s no doubt that we should be able to give them a good game.

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